Do It Yourself: Green Cleaner

Do It Yourself: Green Cleaner

It's no secret that chemicals are everywhere. It's unfortunate.
I'm always excited to find new (and cheap!) ways of reducing my exposure. So obviously this post on pintrest captured my attention!

It's ridiculously easy too, bonus!
Just add a bunch of orange peels into a jar (I added a lemon peel too), fill with white vinegar until the peels are covered, and let it sit for a week or two. After it has steeped, strain out the liquid and store it in a jar or spray bottle.
*I've actually added a few sage and rosemary leaves to the strained mixture to add an extra umph.

So far I've used it successfully to clean my kitchen counters, my kitchen floor (diluted), my bathroom, and it worked quite well getting the icky smell out of a travel mug that had coffee in it for too long (just put a little in and shake it around).

I'm actually getting a little low now, and if I keep using it at this pace I'll need to make more soon. These are some options I'm thinking about for the next batch:

Cinnamon Stick

And I'm sure the list could go on, do you have any ideas?

Hope you're having a fantastic Sunday!