Kicking Carrot Juice

I wish that I liked beets. They're full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory powers, and aid in detoxification. Plus they are a beautiful colour! But to me they just taste like sweet dirt. In order to reap the great benefits of the beet I am left trying to hide it in this juice - and you know, it works! Sure, it still tastes earthy. But it's an earthy I can handle.

Kicking Carrot Juice
Aprox. 10 Carrots
2 Oranges
1 Lemon
1 Small Beet
Small Piece of Ginger Root (Size depends on your taste, start small if you're unsure!)

Peal the lemon and oranges, and cut everything into a size that will fit into your juicer, and juice!

Pretty easy and simple. Also affordable, at least where I live! If you dig the beety goodness, then by all means add more to your juice.

Do you like beets?

Happy Sunday!

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