This and That

This and That

Just some tidbits of my life recently. Lots of plants involved.

In March I was getting sick quite a bit, which is very unusual for me. So to kick my cold in the butt, I did a two week clean eating cleanse. It seemed to do the trick, plus it felt great! However, at exam time I kind of fell of the healthy food wagon, so maybe another effort at clean eating would set me back on track!

The beginning of this month brought incredible unseasonably warm temperatures. Allowing us to enjoy sunny Sunday brunch on the balcony!

Lovely smelling lilacs, brought indoors to enjoy.

Plants are taking over my table, even more so now. Plus, I'm growing a lemon cucumber plant in the middle of my table!! (Excited to see how that turns out, so far so good!)

Tender plants, being brought in for the night.

Call me crazy, but I think I'll give growing dandelions on purpose a go. Apparently salad greens are easy to grow, but I have had no such luck. Since dandelions "grow like weeds" I'm thinking that should work well instead! (And I'll know they haven't been sprayed with any chemicals!)

My other usual juice: carrots, lemon, ginger, and sometimes yam.

Well hey there cutie-pie!

Sunsets from our bathroom skylight.

Happy Sunday!

Mojito Green Juice

Mojito Green Juice

Hello dear friends.
Blog world, how I have missed you so! Back from the books, and ready to share :) First up is my favorite juice of the moment (maybe all time?), Mojito Green Juice!
So light and refreshing. No surprise it is my favorite, really. I adore mint. As far as juices can go this one is quite simple, with only a little prep!

All you need is:
1 Long English Cucumber
1 Lime
1 Apple
Mint(A few decent sized leaves)
Kale (I use one large leaf)

*If you are hesitant about the kale, then leave it out. I don't mind/notice it, but if you are new to green juices you might. Though if you like the juice without it, I encourage you try with it. Not all that different, but more nutrients!

Juice all ingredients in your juicer!

I have also read that you can juice with a blender and some water, straining the mixture after. However, I have never personally tried this method. Have you? Does it work well?

Do you juice? What's your favorite juice?

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